We will be attending this Year’s Eurogamer Expo as the press for the first time, We are extremely excited to be looking at the next generation of consoles and gaming software. On Thursday We will be attending some developer talks and some of the gaming booths to give you a feel for Eurogamer 2013 On […]

OliPicard coplayed a couple of Expos back as Steve from Minecraft, If your thinking about cosplaying go for it! London, 23rd September: Following on from London Fashion Week, from 26th-29th September the capital will play host to a fashionable festival of all things Cosplay. For the first time ever the Eurogamer Expo plays host to […]

Welcome to Thumbs Up Thumbs Down, The Simple reviews by FLOBName with no score just our thoughts on the game. We recently got our hands on a small indie title by Psychotic Psoftware called PowerUp a small XNA title which you can now purchase on the Indie Marketplace. The Indie Marketplace is known for often […]

We was lucky enough to get an Interview with Mike Hanson (The wonderful guy behind PowerUp a small indie title hitting Xbox Live Indie Arcade).   “What inspired you to create this game?” A: I’ve been into games since my mum bought my brother and me a spectrum +2 when I was 9. After years […]

Ember has been a long in the pipework to provide an awesome gaming service to the FLOBName community while providing a cost effective approach to the services we offer. Ember allows us to deploy a gaming servers rapidly and use the resources that would normally cost additional overhead, Ember is our Dedicated Box that will […]