Howdy All, When we herd the news that TF2 was having a new halloween map we jumped for joy and decided to setup 3 TF2 Halloween servers The server list & Port information can be found at The servers will be hosted on our Ember Server Network.   We also have a BF4 server, […]

Watch live video from FLOBName on TwitchTV

Watch live video from FLOBName on TwitchTV

Hi Guys, Gaming Servers (Powered by Ember) We have been pretty busy working on getting the ranked CS:GO server up. bring up the console window in CS:GO (`) and type connect followed by the IP address and port number to join the server. Glad to say its up and running fully so feel free to […]


I was able to get my hands on Battlefield 4 on the Xbox One for the first time in the UK, I have always considered console systems to be lower in graphical and game-play quality however the X1 has some new advantages that may tip the books into Microsoft’s favor. The Modes Played: Obliteration (replacing […]

Hi Guys, Just wanted to give you all a very quick update.   Last week after visiting the awesome eurogamer expo i was unlucky enough to pick up a nasty flu bug which prevented me from uploading or responding to any forms of work. Ill explain it alittle deeper in the upcoming YouTube Vlog. The […]