Your probably wondering where the EGX Articles are. We have posted them up on SciFiVG. Saying Goodbye to Ember. We have decided after a recent Cyber Attack to withdraw Ember from service affective immediately. We have a brand new TF2 and Space Engineers server instead that will provide the same services as Ember did. All […]

We have an Interview plan for EGX 2014, This year we have had double the amount of interview requests in comparison to last year. Our main goal for EGX 2014 is to provide you guys with an Audio Interview of some small indie games, some big triple a games and some scifi related games for […]

As you may (or may have not) noticed, we have been pretty busy creating exciting new content for FLOBName and for a second IP. Our founder @OliPicard has been mentioning this IP quite a few times online with speculation on just what the new property is. It give us great pleasure in welcoming SciFiVG to […]