We raised 68 usd for Child’s Play this weekend by streaming Bioshock Infinite.  We cannot thank you all enough and we really couldn’t of done this without the help of everyone in the community.   So a great big thank you to everyone whom watched the stream, to the people that supported us thought the […]

Howdy all, We have been busy getting ready to tomorrow’s event. So theses are the things you need to know 1) The stream will be available at forlackofabettername.com/live/ & and twitch.tv/flobname from 12pm UK Time 2) We have prizes we will be giving out throughout the stream so be prepared for awesome prizes for listening […]

To celebrate the steam summer sale we decided to take alook at the wonderful fan made videos celebrating the wonderful holiday that is the Steam Summer Sale. Wow Thats a Low Price! ….wonderful PRAISE THE LORD! and this happens to us every time…   Overall what have we learned? (If its a flash sale don’t […]