We have an Interview plan for EGX 2014, This year we have had double the amount of interview requests in comparison to last year. Our main goal for EGX 2014 is to provide you guys with an Audio Interview of some small indie games, some big triple a games and some scifi related games for […]

We will be attending EGX 2014 (Formally known as Eurogamer Expo) for the second year as the press. We have some ideas we are not ready to discuss yet but one thing is certain, We shall defiantly provide a summery video and with the whole team going you can expect feedback on some awesome games […]

I was able to get my hands on Battlefield 4 on the Xbox One for the first time in the UK, I have always considered console systems to be lower in graphical and game-play quality however the X1 has some new advantages that may tip the books into Microsoft’s favor. The Modes Played: Obliteration (replacing […]

Hi Guys, Just wanted to give you all a very quick update.   Last week after visiting the awesome eurogamer expo i was unlucky enough to pick up a nasty flu bug which prevented me from uploading or responding to any forms of work. Ill explain it alittle deeper in the upcoming YouTube Vlog. The […]

We will be attending this Year’s Eurogamer Expo as the press for the first time, We are extremely excited to be looking at the next generation of consoles and gaming software. On Thursday We will be attending some developer talks and some of the gaming booths to give you a feel for Eurogamer 2013 On […]

OliPicard coplayed a couple of Expos back as Steve from Minecraft, If your thinking about cosplaying go for it! London, 23rd September: Following on from London Fashion Week, from 26th-29th September the capital will play host to a fashionable festival of all things Cosplay. For the first time ever the Eurogamer Expo plays host to […]