At flobname, we want to provide you with the latest news on any deals we do. I’m delighted to announce we have gone into a partnership with Green Man Gaming as a partner of their service. @OliPicard has been using GMG for many years, We have experienced GMG’s customer service, website and can say without […]

FLOBName along with Cursed Sigma Productions is delighted to Announce.. We are a GTA 5 PC Crew now accepting new players. OliPicard has designed and developed the site from the ground up to include some best bits…   In addition we delighted to announce we now have fully licenced music from MonsterCat (which will […]

As you may (or may have not) noticed, we have been pretty busy creating exciting new content for FLOBName and for a second IP. Our founder @OliPicard has been mentioning this IP quite a few times online with speculation on just what the new property is. It give us great pleasure in welcoming SciFiVG to […]

Our Summer Charity run is finally here.  (Better Late than Never!) This year we will be playing CS:GO and other games for 12 hours non-stop 10am to 10pm (12 hours) on the channel this Tuesday (12th August 2014), The Charity we picked this year was the British Heart Foundation. (BHS) via Justgiving a secure […]

Hi Guys, Just wanted to provide you all a quick update on how things are going. As you may/may not know our main dev computer has been in repairs for 4 months. (Sounds crazy right?) Around 80% of the parts have been replaced due to errors on the vendor’s side. We also experienced a GPU […]

Howdy all,

We will be streaming this Christmas from 8pm UK Time playing

DayZ Standalone
Assetto Corsa
Space Engineers

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Hey All, It seems that Black Friday is starting to pick up in the UK, Let’s take a look at some of the companies offering deals for gaming products on this Black Friday 2013. (Black Friday Deals) We noticed Battlefield 4 (PC version) for £22 not bad for a new title, We also found […]