Hi Guys, Gaming Servers (Powered by Ember) We have been pretty busy working on getting the ranked CS:GO server up. bring up the console window in CS:GO (`) and type connect followed by the IP address and port number to join the server. Glad to say its up and running fully so feel free to […]

When venturing into London today i was lucky enough to get a tip-off about a new 4 week gaming hub called Virgin Media Game Space the place consists of 2 rooms jam packed with retro and indie games. I also got to meet the London Indie Developer Game group and discussed with them there latest […]

We will be streaming from 8pm daily this week in additon to our normal YouTube programing. In Gaming server news we are setting up an Arma 3 Wasteland server which will be public. Anyone can feel free to record on the server as long as you credit us. The server will be up for a […]

It’s been in a long time planning but we have finally gotten everything in place to do a Charity run. We decided to pick Child’s Play as the Charity we will be supporting as they provide gaming consoles, games and toys & Dvds to hospitals across the world helping children cope with going to Hospital […]