FLOBName along with Cursed Sigma Productions is delighted to Announce.. TheGoldSnatchers.com. We are a GTA 5 PC Crew now accepting new players. OliPicard has designed and developed the site from the ground up to include some best bits…   In addition we delighted to announce we now have fully licenced music from MonsterCat (which will […]

Hi Guys, We are still alive (Dont Panic! :D) OliPicard (Me) has experienced some minor software bugs which have prevented him from uploading content or even communicating with friends. I have been working with the software company to identify where the issue stemmed from. Glad to say we was able to pinpoint where the issues […]

Howdy all,

We will be streaming this Christmas from 8pm UK Time playing

DayZ Standalone
Assetto Corsa
Space Engineers

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