Howdy all, We have been busy getting ready to tomorrow’s event.

So theses are the things you need to know

1) The stream will be available at & and from 12pm UK Time

2) We have prizes we will be giving out throughout the stream so be prepared for awesome prizes for listening in 🙂

3) All donations will be going straight to Child’s Play


Here are our funding goals our aim is to get 50 usd and the rest are stretch goals

20-30 USD – I buy James a copy of Arma 3 and setup an Arma 3 public wastelands server for a month

40-50 USD I will give out some Humble Bundle codes + a special game.

70-80 USD I will play a multiplayer game (TF2, Chivalry etc)

90-100 USD I will get out the green screen and pretend to be part of some sort of SFXs.

100-120 USD Buy a Webcam and record me playing a Game of Bioshock with the Webcam.