August 24, 2013

FLOBName Community Launches

I am excited to announce the FLOBName Community Hub/Portal has launched (Now you know why we haven’t uploaded as much content this week.)



(The Homepage of the FLOBName Community) providing updates on gaming servers and much more.

We have been busy tinkering and getting the site up and ready. Its open to everyone and has a forum, discussions section and much more.

Our aim is to have this as a community hub, a place where you can arrange your next gaming session with friends and also check out what FLOBName is doing.


We are continuing to create new sub-forums so if you have any feedback on what you would like to see then do let us know.



About Oliver

OliPicard is the founder of FLOBName. His interests are in MMOs, FPS games and the technical aspects of gaming.


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