Greetings People of the Internet!,

When I originally setup FLOBName one year ago I decided the first thing we would do is give back to the community and to charities. Last year we raised £30 this year we raised £44!

A massive THANK YOU goes out to everyone who donated. All of you are wonderful and awesome!

A massive THANK YOU goes out to the team at FLOBName and to the guys whom helped us during the streams.

Some interesting stats

We streamed 13gb of data to (highlights available here)

We streamed 12 hours of content with a 1 hour break during these sessions for lunch and to give our eyes a break.

We raised £44.11 for the British Heart Foundation.


We will be making a video thanking everyone involved in the future. In the meantime i wanted to explain why we decided to go with the BHF this year. Both me and James have been affected with people having heart problems in our families it was never a nice experience but thanks to the innovations created by smart doctors and researchers our loved ones survived.

Thanks very much for everyone’s support.


Founder of FLOBName


About Oliver

OliPicard is the founder of FLOBName. His interests are in MMOs, FPS games and the technical aspects of gaming.