Hi Guys,

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We have been pretty busy working on getting the ranked CS:GO server up. bring up the console window in CS:GO (`) and type connect followed by the IP address and port number to join the server.

Glad to say its up and running fully so feel free to join it at any time!


We also uploaded 8 and will be uploading some more videos about 8.


We are streaming Monday, Wednesday & Friday from 8pm UK Time @ twitch.tv


Im also studying at Uni at the moment so my time is more limited however putting good content out is critical for me and Im spending 1 day a week making good content as a commitment to ensuring I make awesome vids.


So just a quick update, Speak to you all soon.


About Oliver

OliPicard is the founder of FLOBName. His interests are in MMOs, FPS games and the technical aspects of gaming.