September 13, 2013

Introducing Ember

Ember has been a long in the pipework to provide an awesome gaming service to the FLOBName community while providing a cost effective approach to the services we offer. Ember allows us to deploy a gaming servers rapidly and use the resources that would normally cost additional overhead, Ember is our Dedicated Box that will allow us to expand and grow our gaming services. Our Chivalry & TS3 servers will remain at our previous host so that we can ensure that if Ember does have issues we can still communicate.


We have migrated the following services over to Ember

Natural Selection 2 16 slot server

Arma 3 Wastelands (Upgraded from a 20 slot to a 40 slot)

New to Ember

TF2 16 slot server

We have also been working hard to introduce a Server Info/Status page that will allow you to find our servers easily and check to see if they are online/offline.

Ember is all about being focused on the gaming community, We take pride in providing gaming servers the community will continue to use.



About Oliver

OliPicard is the founder of FLOBName. His interests are in MMOs, FPS games and the technical aspects of gaming.