At flobname, we want to provide you with the latest news on any deals we do. I’m delighted to announce we have gone into a partnership with Green Man Gaming as a partner of their service. @OliPicard has been using GMG for many years, We have experienced GMG’s customer service, website and can say without a doubt it is THE best 3rd party reseller we know of.


Reasons we <3 GMG

GMG is UK Based with customer support in the UK. You can call in via phone or raise a ticket.

GMG is a member of UKIE

GMG is often cheaper than the larger digital distribution platforms. With there VIP section offering awesome discounts to loyal customers. offering codes for steam, Origin, uplay and Rockstar Warehouse.


If you wish to help contribute towards keeping FLOBName on-board consider using the promo code below. You get 20% off purchases.

Save 20 percent on all GMG purchases

About Oliver

OliPicard is the founder of FLOBName. His interests are in MMOs, FPS games and the technical aspects of gaming.


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