September 23, 2014

Introducing SciFiVG

As you may (or may have not) noticed, we have been pretty busy creating exciting new content for FLOBName and for a second IP. Our founder @OliPicard has been mentioning this IP quite a few times online with speculation on just what the new property is. It give us great pleasure in welcoming SciFiVG to the FLOBName Group.


What is SciFiVG?


SciFiVG started off in the late summer of 2014 with the idea of producing high quality editorial content around Science Fiction Video Games.

Our website is

SciFiVG’s main goals are to report on SciFi only games however, for EGX we will be looking at other games as well. FLOBName and the FLOBName Group will continue to be produced in tandem with SciFiVG’s content line-up. FLOBName creates excellent multimedia content while SciFiVG focused on well written editorial content. We have kept this project in stealth mode for the past couple of months,To try and build up content and to try and get a grip of real journalism. We have been delighted with the feedback provided by Universities, Gaming Publishers and Consumers and we decided to go live as from today.

Trust Center

The Trust Center is a key element of SciFiVG. Any review codes, Events and Promotional content we are provided with is mentioned on the Trust Center. We value your trust and want to preserve it as much as possible by disclosing anything that happens.


SciFiVG uses state of the art technologies to make your browsing experience even more awesome. Our belief is that combining great open source technologies with state of the art servers provides us with an open, fast and always available service. We have put much thought and planning into SciFiVG learning from old mistakes and design choices.


You may noticed advertisements inside SciFiVG. These are powered by Google’s ad services. We decided to limit the types of adverts on display and limit ads to not include animations. We believe this to be a wise choice that will allow you to focus on the core content. We have no plans to bring advertising to FLOBName and FLOBName’s Ember Network.


We are seeking writers to collaborate and work with, We believe we can provide writers with an exciting opportunity to write about one of the most beloved genres of gaming. If your interested in collaborating with us, feel free to drop us a line!

The Future of FLOBName.

FLOBName will contiune to be the number one destination for silly, less serious content and media. We have a great schedule and plan for FLOBName for the next 12 months with exciting new shows, interviews and more streaming events to follow. SciFiVG is our editioral/serious site. FLOBName is our relaxing, less serious site.

The FLOBName Group

This is the first time you will hear “the FLOBName Group” being mentioned, The FLOBName group includes FLOBName and SciFiVG. We decided to classify this new venture as a group to include both sites.

About Oliver

OliPicard is the founder of FLOBName. His interests are in MMOs, FPS games and the technical aspects of gaming.


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