I was able to get my hands on Battlefield 4 on the Xbox One for the first time in the UK, I have always considered console systems to be lower in graphical and game-play quality however the X1 has some new advantages that may tip the books into Microsoft’s favor.

The Modes Played: Obliteration (replacing Rush) and Conquest

Console: Xbox One

Release: Winter 2013

The first thing i noticed with the Xbox one was the increased audio quality over Xbox One has been improved with a higher quality codec being used from its predecessor, The second thing came as a rather interesting new shock. The rumble pack in the trigger added a new sense of depth Ive never experienced in a console or PC gaming system and made my game far more enjoyable, DICE has really hit this new element on the head making each new gun/weapon system feel different from the rest. The Graphics for the game where super on the Xbox One and reminded me of PC Grade graphics. The framerate was steady and the new mode Obliteration was awesome to play with a group of 5 (you heard me right, the squad has increased to 5 from 4 adding a new person into the frame.) Ultimately its making me think should i buy this game on PC or Xbox One? I think Xbox One has gotten a far superior controller. My only main concern is that the Kinect sensor kept asking for feedback throughout the game making an annoying popup show on the dev kit.


A big thanks goes out to Dan from EA for explaining the new game modes.

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