Greetings People of the Internet!, When I originally setup FLOBName one year ago I decided the first thing we would do is give back to the community and to charities. Last year we raised £30 this year we raised £44! A massive THANK YOU goes out to everyone who donated. All of you are wonderful […]

Our Summer Charity run is finally here.  (Better Late than Never!) This year we will be playing CS:GO and other games for 12 hours non-stop 10am to 10pm (12 hours) on the channel this Tuesday (12th August 2014), The Charity we picked this year was the British Heart Foundation. (BHS) via Justgiving a secure […]

Hi Guys, Just wanted to provide you all a quick update on how things are going. As you may/may not know our main dev computer has been in repairs for 4 months. (Sounds crazy right?) Around 80% of the parts have been replaced due to errors on the vendor’s side. We also experienced a GPU […]

We will be attending EGX 2014 (Formally known as Eurogamer Expo) for the second year as the press. We have some ideas we are not ready to discuss yet but one thing is certain, We shall defiantly provide a summery video and with the whole team going you can expect feedback on some awesome games […]