September 15, 2013

PowerUp Review

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We recently got our hands on a small indie title by Psychotic Psoftware called PowerUp a small XNA title which you can now purchase on the Indie Marketplace.

The Indie Marketplace is known for often shoddy or badly made games but there are exceptions to this rule. Escape Goat was a fun addictive puzzler, Mount Your Friends as an Insane multiplayer co-op game about jumping over the top of a goat standing on a stick and then theirs PowerUp a game which has the qualities of Xbox Arcade game.


Graphics of the game really stand out from other Indie Titles.

Graphics of the game really stand out from other Indie Titles. Image provided by Psychotic Psoftware

The Graphics for PowerUp are very detailed and unique to the styling of a Sci-Fi Genre game, The game almost reminds me of an Arcade mash up of Galaga meets starfox with a mixture of originality, Overall this is one of the best looking Indie Games on the Xbox Marketplace with Mike’s previous experiences in the gaming industry really shining thought.


The Gameplay of the game is smooth however without a tutorial the first stage was pretty hard to get thought however after playing the game over and over again i was able to master the controls. Then it hit me, Could the no tutorial part of the reason why I was liking the game, the ability to simply learn the controls was a learning curb I wasn’t going to miss, This is when the game started to become more addictive for me and since playing the game for the first time its one of these games that’s pinned to my Xbox Dashboard. The Ability to unlock more ships and run thought the same stages increases the playability of the game providing me with a longer scope of time to play the game.


The Story reminds me of a Sci-Fi type game, The British Sarcasm shone thought the discussions between the AI and Pilot. Overall the story isn’t blockbuster but provides an element of service to the game.


The Music is pretty Jazzy/fast paced with the game, I really liked the music and the fact the guy whom developed,designed and created the game was a one man studio just added to the specialty of knowing that one guys vision shone thought with the music ensuring the pace remains the same thought-out the game.


The game is a great title and for 69p its well worth purchasing from the Xbox Indie Store, The Game has a long re-playability, the game was developed, coded and created by one person and its truly a unique title. I would put the game up there with Escape Goat & Mount Your Friends as a game to Buy. We give this game a Thumbs Up

Release Date: 13th September 2013

Platform: Xbox 360 (PC, Ooya, Android and iOS is in the planning stages.)

Price: £0.69p

Available from: Xbox Live Indie Marketplace

Developed by: Psychotic Psoftware

Published by: Psychotic Psoftware

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