Privacy & Cookies

Your wondering what Cookies are, (Apart from being delicious biscuits.) Cookies are small txt files stored on your computer that provide information such as login information, Statistics and feedback that allows us to create new experiences for you as the reader below is a list of fully disclosed cookies from both our own website and 3rd party companies we rely on to provide and deliver services to you.

Cookies from

Cookies that help the site function, Providing information such as login details.

We also use an Analytics Engine which uses the pixel.qauntserve cookie. This allows us to gather data on how many people have been reading our articles and where they have come from (Twitter, Facebook, Reddit etc.)

Cookies from 3rd Parties

YouTube – We use the YouTube embedded player that has its own cookies that tracks how long you watch a video for and if you subscribe. See Google’s Privacy Policy for more information.

CoverItLive (Live Events) – CoverItLive provides us with a live blogging service. CoverItLive also provides Anayltics so we can understand how many people are reading an article at one single time. See CIL’s Privacy Policy for more information.

Twitch TV – We use to stream gameplays directly to the website, There streaming service has 3rd party Adverts which are streamed thought the embedded video. See’s Privacy Policy for more information.

Facebook – When sharing a post to facebook by using the facebook button you will be redirected to Facebook’s servers. This means Facebook cookies are also stored. For more information see Facebook’s Privacy Policy.

Twitter – When re-tweeting a post using the twitter button you will be using Twitter’s Servers, This means that Cookies twitter uses will also be stored. For more information see Twitter’s Privacy Policy.