As you may (or may have not) noticed, we have been pretty busy creating exciting new content for FLOBName and for a second IP. Our founder @OliPicard has been mentioning this IP quite a few times online with speculation on just what the new property is. It give us great pleasure in welcoming SciFiVG to […]

Hi Guys, We are still alive (Dont Panic! :D) OliPicard (Me) has experienced some minor software bugs which have prevented him from uploading content or even communicating with friends. I have been working with the software company to identify where the issue stemmed from. Glad to say we was able to pinpoint where the issues […]

We raised 68 usd for Child’s Play this weekend by streaming Bioshock Infinite.  We cannot thank you all enough and we really couldn’t of done this without the help of everyone in the community.   So a great big thank you to everyone whom watched the stream, to the people that supported us thought the […]