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We had a very busy halloween week with the tf2 hightower event. I just wanted to share some stats/technical stuff and provide a breif of what we have learned during this event.

This year’s TF2 event was even more popular as the almighty GABEN/Dota 2 team where busy making new items/heros for an upcoming update, this meant people flooded over to the TF2 servers and we discovered our plans for a single halloween server where flawed. We then fired up 2 new tf2 servers and setup the configs one being a 24 player server the other being a 32 player server. During this time our 32 and 24 server as well as our other 24 server was completely full, This caused us issues with poor latancy so we decided to reduce the 32 player server down to 24 player after this all the server became full for 1 week and we produced some amazing stats.



We also temporaily pulled the Arma 3, NS2 and CS:GO server down during this heavy perioud to ensure that latancy was smooth. We also spent most of the week monitoring the servers to ensure everyone was happy. This was quite a challange for both me and James to do together but in the end everything went smooth.

I just wanted to say thanks to everyone whom took part in the Halloween Event and joined our servers as well as the team that monitored and kept it going. It was awesome to get a test of how powerful Ember can be.  From tommorow server 3 will go offline until Halloween 2014, Server 1 is becoming a Orange 24/7 map and Server 2 is going to be going on a normal rotation.





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