VMGS welcome wall

When venturing into London today i was lucky enough to get a tip-off about a new 4 week gaming hub called Virgin Media Game Space the place consists of 2 rooms jam packed with retro and indie games.

Ground Floor

Ground Floor Guy playing Indie Games

I also got to meet the London Indie Developer Game group and discussed with them there latest game jams.


Co-working space for Indie Devs providing an awesome space to gaming devs.

I also got to play an Early prototype of a really fun buttonmashing game. It was pretty fun and enjoyable.

this indie game was awesome...really awesome...mashing the keyboard to win!

this indie game was awesome…really awesome…mashing the keyboard to win!

I also got to test out an Oculus Rift from which I had to fly a spaceship thought space. My only complaint about the Oculus was the blurry problems with the lenses but hopefully this will be fixed in the future versions. Overall it was really immersive and I think its going to be a game changer in the console and pc gaming industry.

Oculus Rift